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Bone Imaging Laboratory Wiki

Wiki Concept

The idea of the 'Wiki' site is that any authorized user, in this case a member of the lab, can see and edit any of the pages on this site, as well as create new pages as required. Also, there is a document section where useful documents can uploaded or downloaded by anyone in the group.

The purpose of this is to facilitate information exchange within the lab and keep up-to-date How To and User Manuals for all lab procedures.

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Scanco User Instructions

OpenVMS Basics

Micro-CT Basics

Bone Morphometry and Densitometry




Data Management

Import and Export

Remote Access

Scanco Administration


Calibration and QC




Data Management

Process, Printer and System

Remote Access


Registration and Segmentation

Finite Element Modelling

This is the lab finite element software.
First steps for processing microCT data for FE analysis.
We typically use our own FE solver, faim. This documentation may however be useful if you want for example to make comparisons with Scanco's FE solver.


Software Plugins and Codes

SAP is a tool for visualizing and manipulating AIMs.
Image guided failure assessment device (aka the cannon) can be controlled from PC via serial port.
Analysis of Bayesian models using Markov Chain Monte Carlo


Obtaining, compiling and installing software development tools on various systems.

Languages and Toolkits


This section covers generic computer-related topics not covered in other sections.

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